• Wear a suit for interviews for full-time jobs
  • Wear clean, simple clothes for interviews for part-time jobs
  • No beard is preferred
  • Natural makeup is the best

Does it matter what to wear?

In Japanese workplaces, like in other countries, looking clean and likeable is important. According to a study, about a great part of the first impression is decided based on how you look. Of course, at job interviews, employers care about how you look and if you are not dressing nice, you will be less likely to get the job even if you give great responses to their questions. So, what kind of clothes should you be wearing for Japanese job interviews?

Interviews for full-time jobs

If you are applying for a full-time job, you should wear a suit for an interview. Colors should be dark, such as black, navy, and dark grey. Women can wear either a skirt or pants, and men are supposed to be wearing a tie. It is crucial that you are wearing a suit that is clean and fits you. They do not have to be new, but you do not look great if your shirt’s sleeves are too short or too long, or your shoes are covered with dirt. Make sure there are no wrinkles on your suit too.

It is also important to wear a suit that fits the job you are applying for. For example, if you want to have an interview for a company in the finance industry, you should wear a very simple suit and shoes. On the other hand, if you want to work for an advertisement or apparel company, show your fashion sense a little by choosing stylish items including your shirt, tie, belt, socks, shoes, watch, and bag. 

In Japan, there is a style of suit called “recruit suits.” If you are in your late 20’s or older, you should not wear a recruit suit. You want to look experienced rather than fresh, so if you go buy a suit, make sure it is not a recruit suit.

Interviews for part-time jobs

If you are applying for a part-time job, you do not have to wear a suit for an interview. You can wear normal clothes as long as they are simple and clean. Women can wear either a skirt or pants but no jeans. Men cannot wear jeans for an interview either. Sneakers are okay but it is better to wear dress shoes. 

Pay attention to your head

Clothing is not the only thing to care about. A beard is not considered clean in Japanese society as much as in other places. Therefore, you should shave your facial hair for job interviews in Japan. Makeup should be simple. If you wear colorful makeup, try to avoid wearing flamboyant makeup to the interview. Also, your hair should look clean. You are not supposed to dye your hair, and if your hair is long enough to tie, you should tie it.

Cleanness over your uniqueness

In Japan, what employers see at a job interview is if you are a reliable, responsible person to work with. Everyone is different and has the right to be themselves. However, at a job interview, it is wise to keep somewhat of yourself inside you, such as your usual makeup and favorite style of clothing, and try to look simple and clean. The main purpose of job interviews is to make employers want to hire you. So dress up in a fashion that will help you achieve that goal.