• Haken companies find you best jobs that match your skills and schedule.
  • When you work through a haken company, the company is your employer, not the company you are sent to.
  • Sign up for a haken company by filling out a form and having an interview.

It is like a bridge

In one word, a haken company could be described as a “bridge” between workers and companies they work for. Workers go to a haken company to find a job. Haken companies have relationships with many Japanese companies and can you give you access to hundreds, or even thousands of jobs. 

Through screenings, questionnaires and an interview or two, the haken company filters jobs to you. It takes a short time to find jobs through haken companies; often they can find you a job on the day you sign up as a haken employee. 

The haken company sets up a haken employee with a job with one of the companies they have contracts with. By accepting the haken employee sent from the haken company, these Japanese companies can temporarily fill positions when they need more workers or while they search for permanent employees. In this way, haken companies match workers with jobs and provide services that benefit both companies and workers.

Who pays haken employees?

Haken businesses officially started in Japan in 1986, when the Act for Securing the Proper Operation of Worker Dispatching Undertakings and Improved Working Conditions for Dispatched Workers was enforced for the first time. The law has been modified over the years to secure rights of haken workers by enforcing employers to treat haken workers equally in many aspects. For example, haken employees can get the same training as regular employees if they wish. They can also receive employee benefits. 

But of course there are differences between working as a haken employee and as a permanent employee, and one of the things that are unique to working through a haken company is that the haken company that finds you a job is responsible for paying you. How does that work?

Well, actually, you agree to an employment contract with a haken company and they send you to a company. So when you work for a Japanese company through a haken company, it is the haken company that is your employer, not the company you are sent to. Therefore, when it comes to the pay, the haken company charges the company that you work at, keeps a part of that money and pays you the rest as your salary. 

Also, if you are going to be late for or cannot go to work, you would need to contact the haken company as well as your workplace. In addition, since the haken company is your employer, when there is any accident or trouble, the haken company is responsible for dealing with the problems. 

How to sign up for a haken company

So, how can you make a contract? In Japan, there are many haken companies with different styles, but for most haken companies, you are required to go to their office and go through screenings and an interview or two. 

First of all, you can make a reservation to go to a haken company by calling them or filling out a registration form on their website. Next, you go to the office on the day you make a reservation for. Be sure to get there on time. It is preferable that you arrive at the office at least 10 minutes before your reservation. Unless you are told to wear a business suit for your meeting, you can wear anything you would like. 

When it is your turn, you are asked to fill out an information form where you write down your personal information, such as your address, highest level of education, job history, income, skills and licenses.

You might be tempted to make yourself seem more appealing by submitting some better skills or education than what you actually have, but just submit the truth. Lying can cause you big trouble, including getting fired and losing the contract with the haken company.

After you fill out the form, you are asked to show your identification to make sure the identification you put on the form is correct. So don’t forget to bring your passport or anything that shows you are who you say you are! 

Once it is done, finally, it is interview time. There is nothing to worry or stress about during the interview. You will be asked several questions about your ideal jobs, such as what kind of jobs you are looking for, how much you would like to work per week, how much money you would like to make a month, how far you would be willing to commute, and so on.

This is another great thing about working through a haken company, because you can be a little picky about your potential job. Since haken companies have many different kinds of job sources, it is easier to find a job with your ideal working conditions.

With the answers you provide, the haken company will filter jobs and introduce you to a few options that match your needs and wants. You can choose a job from the provided options, or if you don’t like any of them, you can decline the offers and keep looking on their website. It’s totally up to you.

When you decide to work, you sign a contract with the haken company and start working. Oh, keep in mind, as many of you may already know, non-Japanese people are required to have a qualified visa status such as a working visa, permanent resident visa, dependent visa, working holiday visa, college student visa, or pre-college student visa in order to work in Japan.

There are rules and restrictions when it comes to which visa holder is qualified to work in Japan, so it is strongly recommended that each of you contact the government, haken companies, or authorities. 

Consider working through a haken company

Now that you know what a haken company is and how it works, you should consider making it an option to work through a haken company. There are so many job opportunities awaiting you, so take the next step and apply!