• NHK World Easy Japanese is useful for learning basic Japanese conversations
    • helps beginners with learning kana and vocabulary
    • Japanese 101’s vocabulary games are fun
    • Memrise has a lot of learning courses to offer
  • Tofugu’s blog and interviews are as helpful as their language courses

Plentiful resources for free

Do you want to learn Japanese but cannot afford expensive tuition and textbooks? Or do you want to save time and money by avoiding the costs of commuting to school? What you can do instead is to turn on your computer. Without having to go to school and spend a huge amount of money, you can learn Japanese wherever and whenever you want with your computer. 

While there are many useful apps out there, there are many great, free websites for learning Japanese. An advantages of learning Japanese on a website is that you can use your eyes, ears, and mouth to learn. When you are taking classes you might tend to end up just a “listening to what a teacher is saying” time. On the other hand, on a Japanese learning website, you do not only have a lot of reading resources, but also have access to lectures you can listen to over and over. Also, you can practice speaking without caring about your classmates, or sometimes you are even forced to speak during your lessons, so your speaking will get better more quickly.

Unlike textbooks, websites are easily and quickly revised to keep providing their users with up-to-date and correct information. For these reasons, learning Japanese using websites is such a great idea. So, here is a question: what website should you use? I am going to share 5 helpful Japanese-learning websites with you today.

NHK World Easy Japanese

NHK, Japan’s only public broadcaster, provides this great website. NHK World Easy Japanese offers 48 lessons focused on conversations. By watching animations, where characters are having conversations, you can learn key phrases and grammar. You can download audio and scripts from each lesson. The lessons can be learned in 17 foreign languages, including Portuguese and Persian. is for beginners. The website consists of the following four sections: Courses, Characters, Vocabulary, and Resources. You use Course as the main section and the other three sections as supporting material. You will be using the supplemental sections along with the main Course to learn Japanese more effectively. There are three Courses to learn japanese characters, and you can learn the stroke orders of each character. 

Japanese 101

I personally like the vocabulary games of Japanese 101. One of the games is Matching Game. A lady’s voice reads a Japanese word, and you choose a correct answer from four colorfully drawn possible answers. Another game is Spelling Challenge. A colorful drawing of a random object and several hiragana and katakana are displayed, and you click the letters in the correct order to make a word meaning the object. The fun, colorful drawings and helpful lessons are well combined.


In my article about useful apps to learn Japanese, I recommended Memrise as a good app for Japanese learners. But Memrise is also available online. The content is the same as in the app version, with a variety of study courses including conversations, grammar, kanji and so on. Their multiple choice and typing tests help you memorize Japanese words and phrases. If you pay $9 per month and become a Pro member, you have access to all the courses and modes unlimitedly.


Tofugu is not just a website for studying the Japanese language. It provides helpful lessons and training, but there is more. What makes Tofugu different from other Japanese learning websites is that it offers blogs and interviews that help learners to understand Japanese culture and language with more fun. For example, they post reviews of Japanese movies, food, and books. There are also interviews about how people have studied Japanese, where you can use their personal experience and advice for yourself.

Enjoy learning

All these websites have their own well-designed features to keep entertaining you while you study. Learning should not be boring! Use these websites to enjoy your studying time.