If you want to have a quick lunch but don’t feel like eating fast food, Komoro Soba is a perfect choice for you.

Tasty, cheap, and quick!

Komoro Soba is a Japanese fast soba noodle chain restaurant. Since its first store was started in Tokyo in 1953, Komoro Soba has been loved by many business people and people who want to have a speedy and yet reasonable and tasty meal. Their cheapest item is a simple meal with soba noodles and soup just for ¥260.

Food will be ready in a few minutes, which is much faster than ordinary soba restaurants. But its low price and swift cooking does NOT mean it tastes bad. Komoro Soba is popular for its soft and chewy noodles. This unique texture of soba noodles attracts so many hungry and busy people.

Make your food bigger for cheap!

At Komoro Soba, there is an option called “nimai mori,” which means twice the size of a normal meal. And what is amazing is that you can make it twice the size for only ¥60! I cannot believe this!

There are also “o-mori,” which means big, and “cho o-mori,” which is extra big. If you want a 2.5 bigger meal, you can ask to make it “nimai mori, o-mori” with an extra ¥90. If you can eat a meal 3 times as big, order “nimai mori, cho o-mori” for just ¥120 extra.

All-you-can-eat seasonings

At each Komoro Soba store, there are free seasonings available, such as shredded green onions, umeboshi (pickled Japanese plum), and chili pepper. You can take as much seasonings as you want for no extra charge. Make your own soba meal with the seasonings.

Komoro Soba has well made, quick, and very cheap soba noodles. Seriously, can other fast soba restaurants beat Komoro Soba? If you do not have much time or money and want to eat something other than ordinary fast food, just go to Komoro Soba!