• First Kitchen’s first shop opened in Ikebukuro in 1977
  • It has a unique menu, including creative pastas and fried chicken
  • You can make your own flavored french fries using toppings at each shop

What is First Kitchen?

First Kitchen is a Japanese fast food restaurant chain. It is operated by First Kitchen Co., Ltd. The name First Kitchen comes from their slogan “the number one food is born at the number one kitchen.”

Since the first shop opened in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, in 1977, First Kitchen has been providing people in Japan with creative and tasty fast food.

As of June 2016, there are 133 First Kitchen shops in 15 prefectures throughout Japan. In addition to burgers and french fries, First Kitchen serves different kinds of delicious food including pasta, and fried chicken. 

What makes First Kitchen unique

In order for First Kitchen to stand out from other fast food restaurants, it has provided many unique menu options. One of its most popular menu items is their Bacon Egg Burger. It has bacon, a sunny-side egg, and a juicy hamburger inside. Another popular menu is its french fries called Flavor Potato.

What is unique about them is that there are as many as seven different flavors to try: salt, barbecue, butter, premium butter, maple butter, burnt butter soy sauce, and chicken consomme. The most popular flavor is barbeque flavor.

In addition, each shop has some toppings available for customers to use, such as ketchup, mayonnaise, and cheese sauce. Using these sauces, you can customize your own flavored french fries.

Another thing that makes First Kitchen unique is their pasta, salad, and fried chicken. The pasta menu includes carbonara spaghetti, beef cheek meat cream spaghetti, and seasoned hakata cod roe spaghetti.

In addition, First Kitchen was so adventurous that they once made the KitKat Sandwich in 2015. KitKat is one of the most popular chocolate bars in Japan, and the sandwich had a whole KitKat bar and whipped cream in between the bread. The interesting food First Kitchen provides attracts a lot of people around Japan.

Wendy’s and First Kitchen

In 2016, First Kitchen was purchased by the American fast food chain Wendy’s. Since then, several First Kitchen shops, mainly in Tokyo, have provided special menu items in collaboration with Wendy’s. As well as the special menus, you can also order each fast food chain’s popular menu items.

Their history

1977: The first First Kitchen shop opened in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

1996: First Kitchen started serving various menus in addition to burgers and french fries.

1977: A membership system, Club FK, began. Members can get discounts on some of their foods.

2005: Renewed its logo, shop layout designs, and menus. It started serving pasta. 

2009: A new shop started in Miyamasuzaka, Tokyo as the first shop with a new concept. The shop was café-like designed. Also, the uniform was redesigned to an apron style.

2010: The first shop inside an airport opened at the Kansai International Airport.

June 30, 2016: The American fast food restaurant Wendy’s purchased First Kitchen. 

Fast food that won’t make you bored

Again, what makes First Kitchen stand out is its unique menu items. You will not find any other fast food restaurant where you can order pasta while making your original french fries.

Also, they are so adventurous they have made KitKat sandwiches, curry dogs, and soft serve donut sandwiches. With their fun ideas and tasty food, you’ll never go bored eating at First Kitchen.