Are you looking for an 居酒屋 (izakaya), or Japanese-style bar? Here is why はなの舞, or Hananomai, is a great choice for you.

You can fully experience Japanese atmosphere!

Hananomai is a Japanese-style restaurant-bar chain. The chain wants their customers to enjoy Japanese food, especially seafood-based cuisine. Fresh fish and seafood is delivered into each Hananomai shop every day.

Since Hananomai purchases a lot of fresh seafood at once, they can get it at low cost. This is why they can provide such mouth watering. sashimi and other seafood dishes for reasonable prices. You can also eat a wide range of Japanese food, including tempura, takoyaki, and edamame. 

To make your Japanese dining experience more authentic, the inside of the restaurant is very Japanese using many Japanese style elements including bamboo and Japanese paper. You will be able to fully experience Japanese diner at Hananomai. 

You can see a TUNA CARVING SHOW!

Hananomai loves excitement as much as you do. They often hold a tuna carving show at local Hananomai restaurants. Due to fishing conditions and weather, there is no guarantee that there will be a show, but if you do see the show, you’re guaranteed to enjoy it! To find out the next showing, please check out their calendar.

まかない (makanai) is too cheap for its deliciousness!

When you work for Hananomai, you get to eat makanai, or “family meal,” just for a few hundred yen. Everyday, chefs cook family meals with the food in the kitchen, which includes fresh seafood. If you cannot eat seafood, you can ask for another dish. Your delicious dinner only costs a few hundred yen…  Isn’t that so great??

Whether you want to enjoy dining in a Japanese atmosphere, or you want cheap but so tasty family meals, you should go to Hananomai!