Torikizoku is a Japanese yakitori (焼き鳥), or a chicken skewer restaurant-bar chain. Shops are always jam-packed. There are some great things about this place!

Everything is ¥280!

What is great about Torikizoku is you can eat and drink everything for just ¥280 each. Two chicken skewers come on one plate, so each of their juicy skewers costs only ¥140! They also have skewers with offal, meatballs, and beef, so you can enjoy as many as 33 different kinds of skewers with surprisingly low prices.

Torikizoku is no ordinary yakitori place, they also have a huge selection of food from salads to rice to cocktails to RAMEN! And yes, they are all ¥280. This means that you can have 10 skewers and a couple of beers for less than ¥2000.

Their menu has lots of pictures!

Do you want to go to Torikizoku but can’t read Japanese? No worries, Torikizoku has menus with pictures of almost all the food they serve. So even if you cannot read Japanese, you can just look at a menu and point at the picture of food you want to order.

Since Torikizoku is popular among foreign tourists as well as locals, waiters are used to taking orders from non-Japanese speakers. So, you will not find any problems ordering their tasty and well priced food.

Employees are full of energy!

When you go to Torikizoku, you will notice the immense energy of the waiters there. The chain’s concept is to be a place where both its customers and employees become happy, and the waiters are always smiling and cheerful, which will make you feel cheerful as well.

Not only waiters, but also the kitchen staff is energetic as well, and they make a lot of skewers and other food and drinks so swiftly. Not only is their work quick, but they never compromise. All the food they make smells, looks, and tastes so good that you will convince yourself that you have to come again.

These are just a few of the reasons why Torikizoku is worth going to. Go find out what attracts so many people! You will not regret.