• Jonathan’s is a Japanese chain family restaurant
  • The restaurant has been named after a popular American boy’s name
  • Jonathan’s offers a huge selection of food

What is Jonathan’s Coffee and Restaurant?

Jonathan’s (ジョナサン) is a Japanese chain family restaurant. Since its first shop opened in 1980, Jonathan’s has been providing their customers with a variety of affordable food choices. It is one of the member restaurants of the Skylark Group, ran by Skylark Co., Ltd. There are 300 shops in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Ibaraki, Shizuoka, and Yamanashi prefectures as of April, 2017. 

The inspiration for the restaurant came from American coffee shops. Its name, Jonathan, came from a popular American name for boys in hopes of becoming a casual, friendly restaurant where people can enjoy food at affordable prices.

What can you order?

Jonathan’s provides a variety of dishes to choose from, including both Japanese and Western foods. There are seasonal specials offered as well.

A current special is a “traveling series,” which offers several meals using local ingredients around Japan, such as chicken from Tokushima, salmon from Hokkaido, and udon noodles from Akita. Also, dishes offered at Jonathan’s are affordable, many of which are less than ¥1,000. 

What makes Jonathan’s stand out from other restaurants is that the restaurant has a HUGE selection of food. While they have Western food such as pastas, pizza, hamburgers, sandwiches, and rice gratin, they also offer Japanese food including donburi, bento, tonkatsu (fried pork), udon noodles, and miso soup.

Ten different kinds of food just for kids are available as well. Moreover, there are separate menus for morning, lunch time, and teatime. There is even a special menu for “holiday mornings,” which is from 6am to 10:30am on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. The tremendous number of food options make Jonathan’s a perfect place for anyone to enjoy and relax at anytime.

You can check allergens in their food

According to their website, Jonathan’s pays great attention to their food’s “safety, security, and environment” to make sure their customers have a pleasant time at the restaurant. One thing they do to make a safe and enjoyable environment for their customers is to share allergen information of their food with their customers.

The information is available about seven allergens: eggs, milk, wheat, soba, peanut, shrimp, and crab. You can check if there is any of the seven allergens in all the food at the restaurant. In addition, calories and the amount of salt in the food is accessible. In order to see the information, please visit Jonathan’s webpage and use the QR code on the page.

Jonathan’s is for everyone

A great number of food choices means that people who have a lot of food restrictions have a higher chance to find something they can eat. Also, food at the restaurant is reasonably priced and yet filling. Jonathan’s is a perfect restaurant for families, couples, friends, businesspeople, those with allergies, and of course, picky eaters.