• Keiyo D2 is a Japanese home center that sells items for DIY, gardening, and interior designing
  • They also provide baby items, pet related items, clothing, appliances, and stationery
  • Their services include delivery and rental trucks

What is Keiyo D2?

Keiyo D2 is a Japanese home center that provides tools and equipment for various purposes such as Do It Yourself (DIY), gardening, interior designing, camping, clothing, appliances, baby items, and stationery.

Their mission is to make a society where many consumers enjoy fulfilling lives. They have been providing consumers with a variety of tools and services since its foundation in 1952. 

As of May, 2017, there are a total of 181 Keiyo D2 stores in Japan. Additionally, Keiyo D2 has three family brands in Japan: D2 Original, D2 Gold, and the Nakayoshi Club. the motto of D2 Original is “good quality, secure, and low-priced.”

D2 Gold’s motto is “high quality, satisfying, and reasonable.” The Nakayoshi Club is a store focused on pet items. 

Delivery service

Since many appliances and items for DIY and gardening, such as rocks, bricks, wood, and long bars, are not easy to bring home, they offer a couple of services to help you. One is a delivery service and the other is a rental truck service.

Whether you purchase an item at a Keiyo D2 store or online, you can use the delivery service. Different service fees are applied depending on the delivery location.

If you want your purchased items to be delivered to anywhere in the Kanto region, Tohoku region, Chubu region, Kinki region, or Chugoku region, the delivery fee will be ¥750. If you want them to be delivered to either Shikoku region, Kyushu region, Hokkaido region, or any island, it will cost ¥1,080.

If your purchase is ¥5,000 or more, the delivery will be free. Some items are excluded from this free delivery, so please contact Keiyo D2 to see if your item can be delivered for no extra charge. You should expect purchased items to be delivered in three to ten days. Conveniently, you can pick a delivery date and time.

If you decide to buy items at your local Keiyo D2 store, you may use their small-size truck to bring your items home. You can use it for an hour for free. You can ask at the cash register for the trucks availability.

Even though it is free, you won’t be covered by insurance, so you will end up paying a lot if you get involved in an accident. So drive carefully as always.

Your best DIY partner

Among the wide range of items Keiyo D2 provides, there are a huge selection of DIY tools available and you can find what you need to make your own table, shelf, or wood deck. Visit your local store or online store, and get the best tools for your DIY! 

Their history

May 1952: Keiyo Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded.

September 1974: The first Keiyo Home Center store was opened in Kisarazu, Chiba.

April 1979: The company changed its name to Keiyo Co., Ltd. Also, the first store outside Chiba prefecture was opened in Chichibu, Saitama.

September 1983: The first store in Tokyo started in Koganei, Tokyo.

November 1991: The store name changed from Keiyo Home Center to Keiyo D2.

October 2010: The first Osaka store opened in Izumi Kitahara Yama, Osaka.