• Look for local jobs
  • Work at festivals
  • Use filters on job websites

Not many jobs pay you daily

There are times when you need salary as soon as possible to pay for your utilities, trip, or shopping. However, In Japan, most jobs pay you through your bank on a fixed date of every month. There are not many jobs that pay you on the same day that you work. Then, how can you find jobs that pay you right away?

Work in a local store

The best chance to get paid daily is when you work for a local, relatively small store. Avoid working at chain stores. A store ran by people living in the area is preferable. Usually, you can find fliers and ads of such kinds of workplaces at city halls, supermarkets, stations, as well as local newspapers. There are usually phone numbers on ads and fliers, so you can call a store you want to work for and ask if they can pay you every time you work there. An advantage of local stores is that it is easier to change rules compared to chain stores. At chain stores, it is very hard for each store to do anything irregular unless they get permissions from someone in charge of the stores.

Examples of local jobs that pay you daily include: ramen stores, bars, cram schools, grocery stores, and bakeries. Also, jobs that require a lot of physical labor, such as construction  and moving jobs, hire workers relatively easily since the more workers, the faster the job gets done. My friend, for example, has worked at a non-chain ramen store and would get paid at the end of his work every time he had his shift there. Remember, choose a store that is ran by local people. Most likely, chain stores will pay directly to your bank account days or weeks after your work.

Work at festivals

Another way to get paid right after your work is by working at festivals. There are many festivals held in Japan, especially in the summer. At festivals, there are many stalls that sell a variety of items like yakisoba, burgers, cotton candy, drinks, and toys. Usually, festivals last a couple of days, and many stalls pay workers in cash at the end of the day. You can find a job at festivals by checking local newspapers and fliers at stores and supermarkets. The work can be very tough since you need to work from early morning in order to get ready for the festival, to late night in order to clean up after the festival is done. But working at festivals would be a reliable way to get money right away.

Filter jobs on job searching websites

The third option is to use online job searching sites. There are filters you can select to narrow down job options into those that pay you in cash. The keyword is “即日払い” which is translated to “paid on the day.” There is a similar looking option saying “週払い,” and this means the salary is paid weekly. If you can wait for a week to get paid, it is recommended to click this option too so that there are more job opportunities. 

Our website, JapanWork is a great resource to find a perfect job for you. Also, here are some other job searching websites:

Working is amazing

Compared to when you are paid weeks after your job through your bank account, getting paid right on the day you work might make you feel more appreciative of the time and effort you have spent on the job. You will feel amazing to receive an envelope with money after hard work. Even if the job is hard and tiring, you will feel like you can keep going because of the reward awaiting at the end of each day.