Do you love udon so much you want to eat it when you are at work? Great, Yamada Udon is a perfect match for you.

Employees can eat for half the actual price

Yes it is true. If you work at Yamada Udon, you can have its mouth watering udon noodles for only half the price.

Another advantage of working at Yamada Udon is that they are relatively very flexible around your schedule. At Yamada Udon, your shift is decided every five days.

Therefore, if you happen to have an unexpected event next week, there is nothing to worry about.

A wide selection of menu items

Another cool thing about Yamada Udon is that there are many different menu items. At Yamada Udon, in addition to 15 different regular noodle items, there is a morning menu, seasonal menu, daily menu, and “carefully selected” menu.

Yamada Udon also has some donburi and side items, including oyako donburi, rice and curry, dumplings, and tempura. You will not easily get bored by choosing what to eat at Yamada Udon.

With its tasty food and great working advantages, Yamada Udon is such an attractive restaurant to go to. There are nearly 200 stores in the Kanto region, so if you love udon, go and get their delicious udon either as a customer or employee!