• LAWSON+toks is a convenience store inside some Tokyu stations
  • LAWSON+toks is a store combining the convenience store, LAWSON, and the train store, toks
  • LAWSON’s rich selection and toks’ quick services are available

What is LAWSON+toks?

LAWSON+toks is an a convenience store in Japan. LAWSON+toks is located either inside or next to stations of Tokyu lines. LAWSON is a popular Japanese convenience store, and toks is a store ran inside Tokyu line stations. According to the Tokyu Corporation, the name “toks” came from “Tokyu” and “thanks.”

In 2006, LAWSON and toks started a combined convenience store as LAWSON+toks inside Nagatsuda station, Kanagawa. There are 30 LAWSON+toks stores inside stations along the Tokyu Toyoko Line, Denen Toshi Line, Oimachi Line, and Meguro Line. 

At LAWSON+toks stores, you can purchase different kinds of food and drinks that are available at other LAWSON stores, including onigiri (rice balls), pastries, juice, and snacks. Also, toks original items are available as well. 

Advantage of two stores

There is a advantage combining LAWSON and Toks. The great thing about  LAWSON is that there are a variety of items available. You can buy items such as bread, noodles, snacks, juice, alcohol, magazines, and newspaper at any LAWSON store.

An advantage of toks is their quick service. Since all the toks stores are located at stations, the stores are busy with many businesspeople and other customers who are in rush to catch the next trains. Therefore, toks provides very swift services. With the advantages of both stores, LAWSON+toks offers a rich variety of products and speedy services.

Get your breakfast real quick

LAWSON+toks supports your busy life. If you are running late for school or work and don’t have time to eat breakfast at home, just drop by LAWSON+toks while waiting for the next train to come.

In a few minutes, you will be on the train with breakfast in your hands… Unless you take too much time to decide what to buy from their great selection!