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Maid in Japan — Japanese rock group BAND-MAID to debut overseas at Sakura-Com

During an hour-long break, five tired-looking Japanese girls logged onto Skype because they had a press interview with Northwest Asian Weekly.
Despite their fatigue, they answered many questions in Japanese, patiently and sincerely, with smiles. Their soft, kind attitudes during the interview would have made anyone wonder if they are really the members of a hard rock band — one whose members dress as maids.

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Differences create great harmony — Celebrate Asia concert combines music of different cultures to bridge worlds together

Often, vastly different types of things cannot unite or be in harmony when combined. Music is no exception. However, when it works, the effect can be awe-inspiring. I got to see some cool combinations of different sounds across the world coming together during Celebrate Asia, an annual Asian concert held at the Benaroya Hall last Sunday, Jan. 31.

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